Team (R)evolve

Get to know the high-intensity (R)evolve crew that keeps the ultimate study abroad running smoooooooth! We come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and experiences, but one thing you’ll find that’s common amongst all of us, is our unrelenting passion and excitement for creating the ultimate study abroad for our travelers. 


Executive Director
As a midwestern boy, Jake’s life was radically transformed during his first study abroad to Jamaica as a senior in High School. That experience spawned his love of travel, adventure, and design.

Favorite stop on the tour: Thailand – “I’m probably biased because Bangkok blew my mind on my second study abroad. Amazing people and everything is 180 degrees opposite of where I grew up – the food, music, transportation… everything.”


Partnership Manager
Heather is an International Woman of Mystery! She has a very diverse background having living in Ghana for several years to set up a university and later moving back to San Francisco to open a co-working space.

Favorite stop on the tour: Barcelona – “Amazing food, amazing architecture, amazing people… Barcelona has it all.”


Marketing & Social
Born in Macedonia and raised in Dubai, Erina brings her passion for photography and design to help craft the Revolve experience. She is excited to teach you how to take some epic travel photos and document your adventure.

Favorite stop on the tour: Bali – “Amazing food, amazing architecture, amazing people. There’s no other place like Bali… but don’t let the secret out! :)”


Experience Artist
Susan’s love of travel started as a high school exchange student to Australia amd with her extensive background in university entrance exam preparation, she brings her broad range of skills to guarantee you’ll experience the ultimate study abroad. 

Favorite stop on the tour: Medellin – “Put away your past bias… this is a modern country with both eyes on the future – and it’s changing fast. Fantastic weather, food, and adventure. “


Travel Coordinator
With hundreds of flights to coordinate each month, Heather has her hands full! If you can’t find her at home in her country hideaway, you’ll have a tough time tracking her down as the wanderlust is thick in her veins. 

Favorite stop on the tour: Marrakesh – “It’s one of those few places in the world that I could visit over and over. The city is rich, exotic, and packed with culture.”

Time is Life

Each day is precious… especially when you’re on tour. We want you to extract as much as you can from this program so we work hard to help you maintain the balance between learning and fun.  

Amazing Programming

Cooking classes, SCUBA certification, meditation, yoga, photography, time management… the list goes on. There’s bad news though – this might set an incredibly high benchmark as the most epic year of your life. 

Technology Support

The world seems to stop turning when the wi-fi goes down. No fears, when the internet goes down (and it does) we have backups. And we have backups for the backups.

Clear Communication

You’re family will be concerned about sending you on on this epic adventure – and this is not lost on us. We are here to support everyone through this journey.  

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