Select your academic path!

There are four academic tracks utilized by our travelers. Explore these options and decide which one fits your future most appropriately.  If you’re having trouble figuring out what path works best for you, give us a call and we can help guide you through the process – you’re not alone in this.

“I have already been accepted to my school of choice.”

Option 1. Schedule only online classes at your university. 

Option 2. Defer your admission for a year and schedule your courses at a community college that offers courses that will transfer to your chosen school. This option may offer a substantial cost savings. 

“I was waitlisted or declined admissions to the school that I want to attend.”

Schedule courses at a community college that offers courses that will transfer to your chosen school. After traveling with (R)evolve, you will be able to re-apply to your desired school with an academic track record, and likely the most interesting application they’ll see during that admission cycle. Who else in their stack of applicants will have just spent the past year living in 9 different countries?

“I’m not sure where I want to go to school or I want to study entirely online and earn a 4-year degree.”

Option 1. If you plan on ultimately applying to a traditional 4-year institution, identify your top school choices and then identify community college(s) that offers courses that will transfer to your desired school.   

Option 2. Identify a university that offers degrees entirely online (like Penn State or University of Massachusetts) and get ready to live the ultimate adventure! 

“I want to independently study a topic in a hybrid education model that does not require a college education.”

So you want to be a programmer, or photographer, copywriter, etc.? Lay out a CodeSchool or CreativeLive or other (semi)structured curriculum to provide the skills needed for your desired career. Come along on the adventure and walk away with an amazing portfolio.