Have some questions? Yeah, we would too.

Here’s the deal… at some point you have to have faith in the system. You have to have faith to know that we’re dedicated to creating the ultimate experience for our travelers. Some of this is to maximize the adventure – and some is to minimize the downside risks that are inherent with walking out your front door. Don’t fuss with the big details… rest assured that no part of the organization of this experience has transpired by chance. Are there still risks? Sure. But in you knowing that we’ve retained a consulting physician in each city to handle any medical need that arises, don’t be surprised that we’ve also thought about your technology needs to support your adventure. That example is a common thread in all of our planning. The devil is always in the details and that’s where we focus so that you can keep your eyes on your own growth. 

How do I apply?!?

Start by submitting your email address so that we can notify you when the application window opens in late January of 2017. From there, we will select the limited group of students based on their ability to fit into the unique travel and educational opportunity that is (R)evolve.

What will I eat?

You will sink your teeth into some of the most amazing meals you could imagine. Students will cook in their home or apartment just as they would if you are back home. Students will all have the opportunity to attend our cooking classes to learn how to make some of the amazing local meals. Many of the places we travel have amazing and inexpensive restaurants and street food – a meal of rice and stir-fry in Bali costs under $1 USD. Other places will be more expensive to buy groceries, but all locations on the adventure will be equal to, or less expensive than going to the supermarket at home.

Where will I be living?

You will stay in a variety of housing types along the journey – houses, condos, and in a few places we even have limited home-stay opportunities with local families should you desire. In Bali we have a jungle compound that is right out of fantasy land, in Bangkok you’ll be in a condo, in Medellin we’re right down in the middle of it all. Walkability or easy public transport are primary considerations for the neighborhoods in which we’re located. Each location is unique and memorable!

Can I use my financial aid or student loans?

Yep and yep. Your financial aid will apply to your tuition just like it would if you were studying at home. The balance of your student loan will then be returned to you after they take out their course fees, etc.

How is it possible to stay focused on school?

This is a fantastic question and one that has received a great amount of thought. We have several tools to manage this.

1. Upon orientation to the program, all students will receive training in academic and time management. This is particularly important when working in such amazing places with so many distractions.

2. No activities are scheduled on Mondays or Tuesdays. This applies to both student and staff planned activities. This way, no one feels like they are missing out on an activity. FOMO squashed.

3. Students who are not performing appropriately academically will be sent home and will loose out on the amazing opportunities that their friends are experiencing.

4. Students will meet with the local (R)evolve Ambassador weekly to review their academic progress, identify opportunities to improve their studies, and to avoid any upcoming challenges.

5. Students are incentivized to help one another succeed. “Don’t fail out because I will miss my adventure buddy.”

Is it safe there?

It’s as safe as anywhere else. Universal precautions are necessary – don’t leave your camera on the beach when you swim in the ocean, don’t leave your laptop on the table at the coffee shop while you go off to the bathroom, etc.

How much does it cost?

Atabout $12800 for a semester long program, this one-of-a-kind experience is in line with most study abroad programs and is less than studying at a private university – especially if you’re able to take your classes at a community college which will have a substantial cost savings. Take a look at our fees page to see more details about the costs of various programs. Don’t forget that you won’t have to pay tuition at a foreign institution and your home school as you often do with other study abroad programs. The program fee includes your monthly air and ground travel from city to city, entry visa fees, housing and utilities, a group study/work/community space, and a “family dinner” each week. This fee also includes a ton of other adventures like local cooking classes, your SCUBA certification, academic success training, pre/post trip counseling, and much much more!

Where can I do my school work?

Anywhere! That’s the best thing about studying online. Most of the time you can do a lot of the work offline and then upload it when you have internet access. We provide unique co-working space in each city where you can meet up and collaborate with other students and focus on your studies. Monday and Tuesday are reserved work days in the program so this it a good time to buckle down and get ahead of your workload for the week.

Will all my courses transfer?

To check to see if a course will transfer it is best to use a site like Transferology.com to see what schools will transfer into your university. It may be necessary to take courses at several other schools to assemble all of the courses you need.

What if I get sick?

Each location has had a travel medical review to establish a protocol for medical issues that may arise. The course fee includes repatriation and evacuation insurance to cover medical transport costs back to the United States for medically necessary events. In-country medical expenses are often far less expensive than at home and are typically covered by your regular health insurance as an out of network expense. We retain consulting physicians in each country to facilitate unforeseen medical needs.

Can I go for just one semester?

You sure can!  And if you want to go for back-to-back semesters we will even pay for your flight between regions. Come along for a semester or two… or three… or just stay on the circuit for a while!

What does the program fee cover?

Your course fee is inclusive of regional monthly air and ground travel from city-to-city, entry visa fees, housing, a group study/work/community space, and a “family dinner” each week. Evacuation and repatriation insurance is provided for each traveler. The fee also includes cooking classes, SCUBA certification, academic success training, pre/post trip counseling, and much much more.  Exclusions: Tuition, basic health insurance, additional excursions, food, and travel to/from the region is not included. These all vary based on interests and budget and many times people want to add additional travel before and/or after the semseter program.

Can I just do the travel part and not the classes?

No. To maintain the cohesivness of the group and minimize distractions, everyone must be studying something – even if just part-time. If a student dropps out of school in the middle of the program they will be sent home without refun of previously paid fees.

What about passports and visas?

You need a passport with at least 15 pages available. All of the countries on the tour offer United States citizens a 30 to 90 day tourist visa on arrival – so no mailing off passports, etc. We rotate cities ever 29 days so there is no need to be concerned about visas for US citizens. If you are planning on traveling on a passport from somewhere other than the US we will work with you to obtain the appropriate visas.

Is this only for undergraduates?

Nope!  As long as you are studying you’re welcome.

Can I travel with my friend who is also applying?

Sure!  Just let us know on the application where indicated.

Who will be there locally to support me?

Each site is hosted by a local (R)evolve ambassador who is from the host city. They are the core of the team and are always available to lend a hand for medical concerns, lost passport help, tour and excursion planning, etc. These ambassadors are your host while in each country – from airport pickup when you arrive, to departure planning and everything in between. Need some local language advice? You know to whom you should turn.

What ages can go on the trip?

The minimum age of a participant is 16 while most participants are around 20 years old. While we work hard to keep things things diverse, we also try to group the MBA and other graduate students together in to the same cohorts.

What if I'm a vegan/celiac/lactose intolerant/etc. ?

No worries!  You will have options no matter where we go. Some cities will be easier than others, but there will always be options.

What if I need to fly home for something?

Do it! You can travel wherever you want, whenever you want. Your bed and your friends will be here waiting. We provide a structure for your living and travel, but just like at home, you’re not chained to your room.

How will my parents contact me if they need to?

They can call you, or FaceTime you, or Skype you, or call the local (R)evolve Ambassador to reach you. This isn’t too much of an issue these days.

Will my phone work there?

Yep. You will however want to take a look at some options before leaving on the trip. Most cell phone plans have an international option for roaming – albeit at a ridiculous rate. T-mobile has one of the best international plans though most phones will accommodate local sim cards which typically have a better data rate. WhatsApp is our messaging app of choice so connectivity is rarely a problem. It is also possible to travel with an unlocked mobile 4G hotspot and pick up local sim cards as needed.

Will there be wi-fi?

All of our locations were selected with connectivity in mind and these days wi-fi is very easy to get just about everywhere… cafes, restaurants, co-work spaces, airports, etc. Wherever connectivity is questionable we also have 4G based wireless hotspots available for periodic use. You won’t be held back by connectivity as long as you plan ahead. No procrastinating!

Can my friends or family come visit?

Sure! Have your friends meet you for Spring Break or over the holidays or whenever! They will need to work out their own housing options and the local (R)evolve ambassador can help find something that is close to where you are staying. Share your adventure!

Is this all too good to be true?

Nope… Not. At. All.