(R)evolve Announces Application Window for The Ultimate Study Abroad

Students travel, live, and study in 9 countries for one month each. It’s like a gap year… only without the gap.

COLUMBUS, OH. – Dec. 17, 2016 – As many college bound students are planning their academic future, (R)evolve Study Abroad launches The Ultimate Study Abroad where students live, study, and travel in nine different countries for one month each – all while continuing their studies online through a university back home. The application window for the Fall 2017 to Spring 2018 school year will open in late January 2017.

“Students experience all the benefits of a gap year… only without the gap.” states Jake Schubert, Executive Director at (R)evolve. “After leading groups through Central America last year, it be`came even more apparent that we’re experiencing an amazing intersection of technology and education, where it’s conceivable to have a college experience by design. Academic study can be achieved anywhere with an internet connection, so why not do so while traveling the world?” (R)evolve arranges travel between locations, housing, insurance, co-work spaces with reliable wi-fi, and plenty of adventures along the way. With travel logistics and technological consistency provided, students are able to shift their focus to their studies and the creation of their own adventures. The student experience is enhanced through local cooking classes, a scuba certification, surf lessons, and a digital photography course so they can capture all the amazing moments of their adventure. Students are also taught academic success skills such as flexibility and time management under real-life conditions; priceless for adaptation in today’s evolving global workplace.

The growing trend in remote work opportunities with companies that provide living, travel, and co-work arrangements for their employees suggests the need to prepare students for this lifestyle. “The concept is far more complex when the travel cohort consists entirely of students.” adds Schubert. “We have to accept a certain level of responsibility. Most parents wouldn’t be comfortable sending their 18-year-old off to Marrakesh and expecting them to perform well on their own. This is why we offer substantial support for our student travelers – entrance and exit counseling, academic success planning, and a local host/ambassador to help manage day-to-day needs. It’s also important to consider the positive communal impact of other travelers and their developing support for one another. People navigating a shared experience such as this quickly become one big family.”

Many students face a variety of difficult decisions when selecting a study abroad program. Will the courses transfer back to my home university? Do I have to pay tuition at both schools? To what country should I travel? Are the courses taught in English? “Having the ability to study online at their chosen university, or at a community college and transfer the courses, alleviates many of these challenges – and can often be done with a substantial cost savings if courses are taken at a community college.” adds Schubert. “And there’s no need to deliberate on where to study abroad, we’ve already picked nine amazing locations.

It sounds amazing but will the concept work? “The same questions were raised when Remote Year launched with 25,000 applicants for 75 spots.” Schubert adds. “Now, two years later, there are dozens of similar companies. And to further validate the concept, Remote Year recently secured $12 million in funding. With my past success in travel and real estate development, I am comfortable coordinating diverse teams of people to implement ambitious projects. My life was twice changed during my study abroad experiences – once in Jamaica during high school, and then again on a long trip to Thailand during college. I wake with both passion and gratitude each day for the impact of this project… knowing I’m able to pass on to others what was such an incredible, foundational life experience for me.”

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